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Where we add value

  •       System Traders have turned to us, for daily execution and management             of their trading systems.

  •       Self- directed trading professionals love our customer support while             still receiving discounted trading rates.

  •       Companies around the world trust us to be their hedging broker to help             offset risk and inventory.

  1. You are already tired of permanent loss of money in the crypto market? Maybe it is time to abandon the “attempts to trade” and to entrust this work to professionals, transferring them management of your finances? BCM Pro services – for people with available cash assets which they want to invest, but do not have skills of individual active asset management and don’t want to risk their finances.

  2. Our guarantees. Any investment in the financial markets is a potential risk. Experience and professionalism which are expressed in high, but what is more important – in stable profitability of investments, shown by BCCOMM, can minimize to no risk on investment capital.

  3. Potential earnings estimation. Each client of BCCOMM has an opportunity to estimate their expected future return before trusting us to manage their funds, look at www.bccomm.net

  4. Tax-exempt. BCCOMM is registered and operates its trading activities on the crypto market in an offshore tax haven. The company is not a tax agent in respect of its customer’s income and, accordingly, does not produce any tax payments. Furthermore, BCCOMM doesn’t disclose any fiscal data concerning their customer’s income to the tax authorities of any State.

  5. Convenient payment methods. Depositing funds and earned profit withdrawal are available by a number of ways, including e-currencies (what guarantees the anonymity of payments and provides tax-free of earned income).



We tell the truth, communicate clearly and deliver on all of our promises.



We are a firm that operates according to its ethical convictions; honouring all commitments and obligations.



We build relationships based on trust and care for others. We seek quality in everything we do and accept accountability.



We do our best to look after our community and the world around us with our charity events.


Working for you 24/7

You no longer have to pay more per year in management fees just to get your account by managed by somebody who can only give you a fraction of their time.


Lower hassle

Our team and software manages your investment account for you 24/7, around the clock. We’ll do all the work so that you can focus on the other things that really matter to you.


Lower fees

Investing shouldn't be expensive. We provide investment management at a fraction of the cost of traditional investment managers.


Lower taxes

We manage your account with taxes in mind because minimizing your taxes is a key part of maximizing your long-term investment returns.


From our wide range of markets, extensive choice of trading platforms, to our excellent customer service and reliable operations, most trading professionals will find BCTM to be perfectly suited to their needs.

Our entire operations set-up is dedicated to best serve our clients and maximize their trading experience. And as your low-cost clearing broker, we deliver all our service and products at ultra competitive commission rates.


As a trading professional, we understand that one of your main goals is to reduce costs while increasing returns. At BCTM, we aim to help you deliver on both counts.

Over the years, we have developed multiple strategic clearing relationships with several FCMs around the globe. This has allowed us to provide our clients one of the largest diversification opportunity (and potential for increased returns), with access to 300+ global markets over 30 worldwide exchanges.

The cost side of the equation is provided by the competitive rates that we have been able to establish for our clients, thanks to our independent structure and long-standing relationships with FCMs.


Our clients love us and we believe this is because of the outstanding service we aim to deliver day in, day out. As a trading professional, you most likely expect a professional level of customer service, responsive and knowledgeable. Our goal is simply to exceed your expectations. Try us, you will not be disappointed.


We offer and support a wide range of leading front-end trading applications to ensure each of our clients can find the platform best suited to their needs. We’re happy to help select the platform that’s right for you.



BCCOMM Consulting offers a wide array of services to assist with internal and external growth strategies. From initial strategic business plans to ongoing investor relations, BCCOMM Consulting can position clients for greater impact and financial success.

Investment banking


In founding BCCOMM, we have a clear vision of the firm we want to create. One of the most important elements of that vision is to fill a need in retail financial services for clients and institutions with between $500,000 and $10M of investable assets.

Non-farm Payroll


Non Farm Payroll Trade the non-farm payroll report (NFP) to capitalize on one of the biggest forex market moving events of the month. Here are a number of ways to trade it.

Wealth Planning


Almost all of BCCOMM’s advisors practice Wealth Planning in some form. All of our Wealth Planning processes are fundamentally based on the CFP Board’s standard process: Identify and Prioritize Your Objectives—Gather Your Data—Analyze—Propose Recommendations to You—Take Action. Wealth Planning is a broad term that gets used a lot of different ways. Because we typically work with clients that are accredited investors, the type or style of Wealth Planning that we do at BCTM typically is more advanced and customized to you

Asset Management


The BCCOMM companies are comprised of highly experienced industry veterans who have managed high net worth portfolios and corporate relationships through many market and economic cycles. Through our considerable collective experience of managing client wealth, we have established strategic partnerships with cutting edge custodians/clearing agents, traditional asset managers and alternative investment firms so as to bring all the appropriate tools in an “open architecture” environment in an effort to potentially earn the best risk adjusted net returns appropriate to you.

Life Style Services


Investing, collecting and protecting your personal interests BCCOMM Art & Wine Advisory is a service that integrates wealth management success with an exploration of personal passions and tastes.We believe happiness isn’t just linked to financial success because it’s closely linked to truly enjoying that success. Because the finer things in life are meant to be appreciated, we promote your personal interests with a savvy approach to your high standards, at any desired level of investing across art and wine. Whether you’re an experienced afficianado or an interested novice, our expert advisors will find the right lifestyle investments at the right value for you.

"BCCOMM's revolutionary investment methodology is changing the way we invest."

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